Message From MD


Message from MD

At Shurwid Industries Ltd, we aspire to be a responsible company in every sector that we operate- be it shareholders, employees, business partners or any other relevant internal and external stakeholders. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as the pioneer in manufacturing Pharma grade PVC film and food grade disposable items. We believe success and responsibility go hand in hand. Success brings many other obligations and high standards of behavior along with it. Integrity and strong compassion is needed in everything that we do or anywhere we function. As a business man, I truly understand the value of profit but all my stakeholders can be rest assured that these standards shall not be compromised for the sake of results.

Being successful is great but experiencing success alone is no fun at all. I believe it is the people of the company who bring differences every day and make the company what it is today. Their support and hard work have played a very crucial role in my path of building this company. The saying ‘it’s lonely at the top’ does not go with me as the entire Shurwid family works as a team which creates a common ground of conviction. We are always trying to win and sustain the trust of all our stakeholders which automatically makes the service we provide more valuable.

Another prime goal at Shurwid is promoting and upholding our work culture, driven by integrity and passion through principles of teamwork and commendable leadership. Ethics in an attribute that is embedded in every constituent that Shurwid embodies, beginning from birth of strategies to our consumer experience.

We are not a firm that emphasizes on just a tactical plans approach to business but rather we strive to formulate strategies aimed towards the development of our stakeholders and the nation. At Shurwid, we envision our nation as a holistic family, working as an interrelated force working in the interest of our people and our nation.