Board of Directors


Md. Anis Ahmed


Md. Anis Ahmed aged 47 is the chairman of the company. He is a Masters from University of Dhaka in the year 1988 and proprietor of Bird Banlgadesh, a company of consulting of poultry and feed industry. He is dealing with import, supply, distribution and consuting on modern equipoment of poulty feed and involved as a local agent of world reputed company like SKA, Termotecnia, Demaplast, Giordano, Corti of Italy etc. Mr. Ahmed visited many countries regarding  business like U.S.A, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Italy, U.A.E, China, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Netherland, Germany, Belgium, France, Egypt Canada, Saudi Arabia etc.


Managing Director

ZahedulHoque aged 51 is the managing director & director of the company. After completing his graduation, he engaged himself in business. He is a director of Quality Plastic Industries, proprietor of Trade & Trading and chairman of Prolific Accessories (Pvt.) Ltd., Associate Printing Industries Ltd., Associate Tube Ltd. since 1988 to 2007. He is also a social worker and donor of number of schools and organizations. Mr. Hoque visited U.S.A, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, China, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, UAE etc. for business tour.

SyedaSayma Akhter


SyedaSayma Akhter aged 45 is a director of the company. She completed graduation in the year 1988. She is experienced in the agro business like sales of poultyequipments and feed. She is a executive director of Birds Bangladesh. Mrs. Sayma visited many countries regarding business like U.S.A, Italy, France, China, Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia, India, Canada and Saudi Arabia etc.